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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Media Air Cleaner
Affinity™ Premium Air Cleaner
Everyone knows that outdoor air can contain pollutants. But they are diluted by wind and rain — unlike the air in your home where contaminants can be concentrated. In fact, the air inside can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. No wonder the EPA ranks indoor air quality as a top-five environmental concern. Dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, pet dander can be found in any home, no matter how careful you are. Remove these particles and you remove the common triggers for allergies, asthma attacks, headaches and other health worries. Fortunately, an Affinity™ Premium Air Cleaner goes far beyond standard filters to improve air quality for your whole house.
Whole house air cleaners have a clear advantage over portables.
Unlike portable room air cleaners, an Affinity™ Whole House Air Cleaner is part of your existing heating and cooling system. It cleans the air throughout your entire home, while remaining out of sight and operating incredibly quietly. That’s because you do not have to put up with fan noise from an air cleaner that’s located directly in the room. A whole house air cleaner design is particularly useful for homes with cathedral ceilings and open spaces.
98% particle capture rate secures your comfort.
Small particles can make a big impact on indoor air quality. That’s why Affinity™ Hybrid Electronic/Media Air Cleaner captures up to 98% of particles down to one micron. It also permanently traps and kills captured bacteria and spores, and is the best air cleaner for removal of virus-sized particles. This small detail makes a big difference if anyone in your family suffers from allergies. One Affinity™ Whole House Air Cleaner lets everyone breathe fewer allergens wherever they go in your home.

Whole-House Humidifier
Affinity™ Whole-Home Humidifier
The temperature and resulting comfort level in your home is directly affected by the amount of humidity in the air. When air is heated, the “relative humidity” drops and results in static shocks, cracked woodwork and even respiratory issues. Insufficient humidity also makes you feel colder, tempting you to turn the thermostat higher than necessary. A York® Affinity™ Whole-Home Humidifier delivers comforting humidity and eliminates all the results of extremely dry air. These systems are designed for simple operation and long life.
Making comfort a breeze.
Affinity™ Whole-Home Humidifiers work to keep your home comfortable throughout the heating season and even year-round in those highly dry climates where humidity is needed virtually every day. These systems work seamlessly through your existing HVAC system, humidifying your entire home—without all the limitations and added maintenance of single room humidifiers.
Year-round comfort.
Affinity™ Whole-Home Humidifiers use natural evaporation to maintain optimal humidity, helping eliminate dry, cracked skin and annoying static shocks that come with excessively dry air. The end result is optimum comfort any time your humidifier is operating.
Healthier air for a healthier family.
Bacteria, viruses and respiratory infections are more abundant in very dry conditions. That’s why it’s so important to maintain proper levels of humidity, to avoid an overly dry environment —which puts you and your family at a significantly higher risk of infection. Your Affinity™ Whole-Home Humidifier provides optimum levels of humidity, filling your home with healthier air.
See savings you’ll be comfortable with.
It’s been proven that lower temperatures with proper humidity levels are more comfortable than, for example, dry air with a temperature that is 3 degrees higher. So let your humidifier add the necessary moisture and reduce your thermostat setting by 3 degrees to save as much as 5% on your heating bill.

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