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RedLink Accessories

Portable Remote


Make adjustments from anywhere in the conditioned space. It can be used to change the set temperature in any zone in the system, from anywhere in the home.


Ease of use. Control multiple thermostats from one location. Ability to control the temperature where you are.

The average homeowner adjusts their thermostat more than five times per day trying to get the temperature "just right" in the room that they're in. With the Portable Comfort Control, you don't have to sacrifice comfort. Bring it with you wherever you're uncomfortable to either adjust the thermostat, or sense and change the temperature in that room.

The Portable Comfort Control is perfect for the home office, the nursery, the bonus room, and for people who aren't able to easily get up to adjust the thermostat. You'll be comfortable knowing that your rooms are the exact temperature you want them to be.

  • Conveniently control temperature from any room
  • RedLINK-enabled to work with the Wireless Outdoor Sensor
  • Displays outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Works with all RedLINK devices
  • With multiple thermostats - change the temperature in any zone from one device
  • Can be paged with an audible noise from any RedLINK-enabled thermostat

Installed Cost


With PSA

Over-the-Counter Cost

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