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Our new website has plenty of information, education, helpful tips for all your heating and air conditioning needs. Feel free to take a good look throughout our website.

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Industry Awards

General Heating has been selling York Heating and Cooling products since the early 1980's. Our York distributor is the Columbus, OH branch of Virginia Air Distributors. In addition to York, Virginia Air also supplies our ClimateMaster and Mitsubishi products and much of our supplies and service parts.

We continue to have a very good relationship with Virginia Air and York and have consistently been one of their top dealers for many years.

York - Virginia Air-Tri-State Awards

Top Dealer Award - Awarded to the Top "York" Dealer

  • 2014 Top Dealer Award
  • 2013 Top Dealer Award
  • 2012 Top Dealer Award
  • 2011 Top Dealer Award
  • 2010 Top Dealer Award
  • 2009 Top Dealer Award
  • 2007 Top Dealer Award
  • 2006 Top Dealer Award
  • 2005 Top Dealer Award
  • 2004 Top Dealer Award
  • 2003 Top Dealer Award

Million Dollar Club - Awarded to Dealers who exceed $1 Million in purchases

  • 2012 Million Dollar Club
  • 2011 Million Dollar Club
  • 2010 Million Dollar Club

York "Affinity" Sales Awards

  • 2012 1st Place Total "Affinity" Sales
  • 2011 1st Place Total "Affinity" Sales

"ClimateMaster" Geothermal Unit Sales Awards

  • 2011 2nd Place Total "ClimateMaster" Sales
  • 2010 2nd Place Total "ClimateMaster" Sales

York President's Award

  • 2011 President's Award - Honoring Outstanding Commitment & Loyalty in Business Partnership

Consumer Reports

Some customers report that they have seen negative reviews of York HVAC equipment on the internet.

We find this very surprising, as the vast majority of our customers who purchase York products are very satisfied with the equipment and services they receive from us, many making repeat purchases over the years. See our reviews here.

However, the fact is, when we searched the internet for nation-wide reviews of York equipment, many people claim to have had bad experiences with the product.

We questioned among ourselves, "How can this be? Why would a known-for-quality product, like York, have a large number of 'unsatisfied' reviewers?"

Certainly, there is no single answer, but we believe there are at least 5 likely explanations.

1. Higher Expectations

York is a premium HVAC product, so it is typically more expensive than other product options available on the market. Also, York has a reputation for producing high-quality products. With this higher cost and reputation, consumers automatically have higher expectations, especially when it comes to service and dependability. Therefore, when an unfortunate service-related issue occurs, York consumers are more likely to feel dissatisfied. At GHAC, we go to great lengths to understand and exceed our customers' expectations.

2. Advanced Technology

York products incorporate much more technology than most other HVAC products on the market. While this technology produces greater performance, safety, convenience and efficiency - the unfortunate side-effect is a higher potential for malfunction. For example, York utilizes a computer board (YorkGuard Module) in some of its outdoor products that controls and monitors all system functions (far more advanced than any other residential product). If an improper, potentially dangerous, operating condition is sensed, the control will shut down the unit and notify the homeowner with an alert at the thermostat. While this is safer and better for the equipment in the long-run, this advanced functionality may generate more service calls over the life of the equipment.

3. Being an Industry Leader

As in every industry, when it comes to HVAC product development there are leaders and there are followers. York has always been a leader in the HVAC industry - developing new, innovative, high-efficiency products. But a draw-back to being an industry leader - let's be honest - some new, innovative products have unforeseen issues that only become evident after real-world operation. At GHAC, we have witnessed some great products that required some small manufacturer adjustments before they were perfected. While these adjustments are minor in the eyes of the manufacturer, they still generate dissatisfaction with customers expecting "trouble-free" operation.

4. Increased Regulations & Mandatory Changes

Every HVAC equipment manufacturer in the US has been required to meet increased government regulations regarding minimum efficiency standards and mandated changes toward new, "environment-friendly" refrigerants. These mandates and increased standards have required rapid product development and deployment from all manufacturers. The unfortunate result has been a greater number of unforeseen equipment issues industry-wide. All HVAC manufacturers in the US have seen higher-than-normal service issues over the past several years. However, we can honestly say that York has fared better than most.

5. They Don't Make Things The Way They Used To

We've all heard this saying, and it's true! But that's not altogether a bad thing. While manufacturers in all industries are constantly looking for ways to produce things faster and with less cost, they are all also implementing more safety and technology into their products - things we want. What's the result? The result is products that simply won't (and in many cases can't) last as long as their predecessor. Let's just take telephones for example. I remember growing-up and having the same rotary-dial phones hanging on the wall for over 20 years - and they never broke. Then we switched to cordless, digital phones, and who knows how many of those we've gone through in 20 years. Now many homes have switched to using only cell phones that need replaced every 1-2 years. But do we want to go back to the rotary phones ? Some might say, "Yes", but most would never even consider it. The same is true in the HVAC industry. There is very little comparison between a modern gas furnace and the furnaces many of us had in our homes growing-up. Were the old furnaces more reliable? Yes, but they were also big, loud, dangerous and inefficient - things consumers don't want from a new furnace. If you look at the reviews for all HVAC manufacturers you will see a surprisingly-high dissatisfaction rating across the board. And when you read the comments, you see that the overwhelming reason for their dissatisfaction is more-than-expected service issues. An unfortunate fact that all consumers need to be aware-of is that modern products (including heating & cooling products), while better in most every way, will likely require more service than the product they are replacing.

At GHAC, it is our goal to provide our customers with quality products and quality service to achieve maximum satisfaction. We have been installing York Heating & Cooling products for over 30 years, and have great confidence in its quality and performance.

Herald Dispatch

General Heating & Air Conditioning was recently honored with the "Best in the Tri-State 2014 - Heating & Cooling" Award in Lawrence Co., OH by the readers of The Herald Dispatch.


GHAC Service App

General Heating & Air Conditioning has developed a new mobile app to assist customers with service-related problems.

GHAC - Service Assist provides a set of tools to help customers who are experiencing HVAC problems. Service Assist gives our customers the tools they need to get their HVAC service issues resolved quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Call Us – Use this icon to get a direct phone connection to the service department.
  • FAQs - Find answers to commonly-asked service questions.
  • Ask a Tech - Use this form application to post a question or comment for one of our technicians.
  • Staff Photos – See the friendly faces of the staff who will be assisting you.
  • LIVE CHAT - During regular business hours, use this feature to chat with a Live Dispatcher. Schedule a service appointment or resolve a service issue.
  • Pricing – Stay up-to-date on current service rates.
  • Website – Go to our company website for additional resources and information.
  • YouTube - The GHAC YouTube page includes many useful "How-To" videos for the "Do-it-Yourselfer".
  • Facebook – A quick link to the GHAC Facebook page.

Where to download “GHAC – Service Assist”:

Instructions for HTML Install

Save $10 with LIVE Chat

Customers love the convenience, accuracy and fun of our "BoldChat" on-line service scheduling.

GHAC, Inc. uses an online service called "BoldChat" by LogMeIn which allows customers to real-time "Text" or "Chat" with one of their live service dispatchers.

"Some time ago, I was visiting a software provider's website and I saw that they had an option for "On-line Chat". I'm not much of a "chatter", so I continued searching their site on my own. After several more minutes of unsuccessful browsing, I gave-in and decided to "chat". Well, guess what - I thought it was great. I got connected with a live representative and was able to get my questions answered easily and quickly. After that, I immediately started looking into how I could use this service for our customers." Will Patterson - President, GHAC, Inc.

The "BoldChat" icon is available on every page of the GHACINC.COM website plus the GHAC Service Assist App.

To encourage use of this service, GHAC is currently offering $10 off of a normal $80 Service Diagnostic for all customers who schedule their service call using "BoldChat".

So, even if you're not "chatty" or a good "texter", don't be afraid to try this exciting new service. You just might think that it's "great" too.

2015 Awards

GHAC, Inc. was recently presented with the Top Dealer award for 2015 from York and Virginia Air Distributors.

York / Virginia Air - Tri-State - Top Dealer Award

Virginia Air is a distributor of York Heating & Cooling products by Johnson Controls.. The Top Dealer award is presented annually to the VA dealer with the highest sales volume among all of its distributors in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. General Heating has been a proud recipient of the Top Dealer award for 12 of the past 13 years.

Class Action Suit

Johnson Controls, Inc. has been named in a class-action lawsuit regarding leaking copper coils.

What's the Problem?

It is believed that the evaporator coils in some HVAC systems are defective and can crack or corrode, resulting in leaks and other problems. Attorneys are looking into determining whether lawsuits can be filed against the makers of these HVAC units.

Which Brands Are Under Investigation?

Gemaire, Frigidaire, Rheem, Rudd, Weatherking, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Amana, Janitrol, Maytag, Nordyne, Aspen Manufacturing, Trane/American Standard, Lennox, Ducane, York, Coleman, Intertherm, Miller, General Electric, Luxaire, Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Heil, Arcoaire, Day & Night, and Keeprite.

Information Provided to GHAC, Inc. Regarding the Suit:

  • Johnson Controls, which produces York Heating & Cooling products, has chosen to pursue a settlement option for this case.
  • The case is specific to uncoated copper tube evaporator and condenser coils that have failed due to formicary corrosion. Tin-coated and aluminum coils are not impacted by this case.
  • A letter and claim form was recently sent to homeowners by the attorneys without providing any advance notice; one per each qualifying registered serial number. The specific serial number is printed/barcoded on the outside of the letter. If more than one serial number is impacted at a property, multiple letters were sent. Again, it’s one letter for every serial number installed & registered at a property.
  • No settlement vouchers/payments related to this case will be distributed until after the fairness hearing, scheduled for August 16, 2017. As we understand it, the letter is a solicitation for owners of these serial numbers to apply to be a part of the settlement if they think they meet the settlement conditions.
  • After successfully passing the fairness hearing, homeowners will have at least another 120 days after the Court’s Final Judgement and Order of Dismissal (August at the earliest) –OR- 120 days after the Settlement Class Member experiences a copper coil failure while that coil is covered by the original warranty period.
  • The claim site is Details and updates will be posted there or concerned parties may call the hotline at 1-855-510-2035.
  • Contractors have been asked not to attempt to provide further information. It is important that consumers receive information through the court-approved processes. Use the phone number and website above.

R-22 Refrigerant Price

The cost of R-22 has sky-rocketed while availability has dropped.


Up until 2010, R-22 was the industry-standard refrigerant for residential and commercial air conditioning systems. If you have an air conditioner that was produced before 2010, there is a 99.5% chance that it uses R-22 freon.

About 25 years ago, the EPA ordered the phase-out of R-22 refrigerant as part of the international treaty on protecting the ozone layer called the “Montreal Protocol,” because of the refrigerant’s ozone-depleting substances.

As part of the agreement, production ended in 2010 for new air conditioning units “charged” with R-22 and production of the refrigerant itself was reduced by 75 percent. As of 2015, R-22 production has dropped by 90 percent. By 2020, it will no longer be produced at all.

Current Situation

Last winter, GHAC, Inc. purchased a large quantity of R-22 at a lower cost which allowed us to keep our customer prices lower than many other HVAC companies. Unfortunately, that stockpile has run-out and it is now very expensive and difficult to purchase new supplies of R-22.

Limited Availability

Where we used to be able to buy large quantities of R-22 (40 tanks at a time), most suppliers are now limited regarding how many tanks they are allowed to sell. It is also not uncommon for supply houses to completely run-out of R-22 stock during peak times.

Increased Cost

Reduced production and limited availability naturally results in higher cost. A typical residential air conditioner holds 10 pounds of refrigerant. At GHAC, Inc. our current cost to install 10 pounds of R-22 freon (including labor to install and no tax) is $488.

While this cost is much higher than normal, it is not uncommon to see R-22 cost of over $100 per pound throughout the industry.


Even though very expensive, R-22 is currently (as of May 2017) still available. However, we agree with industry experts that the best option for customers with older units facing expensive R-22 repairs is to consider upgrading to a new systems using non-ozone-depleting R410A refrigerant.

  • There are currently no restrictions on R410A.
  • Systems that use R410A are generally much more efficient than older R-22 systems.
  • New systems generally have outstanding warranties and better performance.

There are several alternative refrigerants available on the market today, but there are three issues that keep us from recommending undertaking a retrofit at this time:

  • All R-22 replacement refrigerants require a complete system evacuation/re-charge.
  • All R-22 replacements result in a reduction of cooling capacity (the amount of reduction depends on many factors).
  • There is still no "one" accepted alternate refrigerant.

Our focus and specialty is quality installation, service and repair of heating and air conditioning systems - both residential and commercial.

For more than 45 years, GHAC, Inc. has been the trusted name in HVAC for customers all across the Tri-State.

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