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We Make Comfort Affordable

General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to offer financing options for both our residential and commercial customers to make heating and cooling services affordable for everyone. Through our partnership with Payzer, customers have the ability to review multiple loan options and pay invoices through our online portal.


Our Guarantees

We truly believe that a purchase from General Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is the best value decision that you can make.

We realize that a home comfort system installed by GHAC, Inc. may have an initial investment that is sometimes higher than other options available to you. However, we believe that the peace-of-mind, quality workmanship, excellent service, and product performance provided by our company more than make-up for the difference.

In fact, we are so confident in this that we offer the following Guarantees:


If a new system installed by GHAC, Inc. fails during the 1st year after installation and our service department is unable to repair your equipment or provide an alternate source of heating or cooling within 24 hours of your service request, we will pay for you to stay in a hotel room until the situation is resolved.


When purchasing from General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. you can be assured that we use only top-quality equipment and materials.

If a heating or cooling system that you purchase from GHAC, Inc. experiences a major component failure* within 90 days after the date of installation, we will replace it with a brand new product – no questions asked.

* A major component failure is defined as any failure in which the out-of-warranty repair cost would be equal to or greater than 1/3 the value of the unit.


“Making You Comfortable is Our Business”. When you purchase a new “Total Comfort” heating or cooling system from GHAC, Inc. we guarantee that you will have comfortable temperatures throughout your house, or we’ll make the necessary adjustments to make it that way.


Most HVAC companies will suggest that you can save money by upgrading to a higher efficiency furnace, air conditioner or heat pump. We don’t just suggest it - We guarantee it! When you replace a system that is more than 15 years old with the same size “Total Comfort” product installed by GHAC, Inc. we guarantee that your heating and/or cooling energy consumption will reduce by a minimum of 20% over a 12 month period, or we will pay the difference.

Why Choose GHAC, Inc.

10 Time-Proven Tips For Selecting a Dealer

When you have work done in your home you literally have to live with the results. When it involves your home comfort system, it takes on even greater meaning since your indoor environment is involved. So, even if you do not choose General Heating and Air Conditioning for your heating and cooling needs, we still want to encourage you to take extra time and care when making your selection. And remember that your home comfort involves much more than just purchasing the right equipment.

  1. 1. Check Credentials. Before making your selection, call the Better Business Bureau to make sure that the dealer is reputable.
  2. Make sure the dealer is associated with a reliable manufacturer. Dealers should be taking advantage of factory training offered by their manufacturer. As a result, when they make recommendations, you can be more assured that they have selected the right size system for your home, and that they have been trained in installation and service of your product.
  3. Ask for references. Former customers are an excellent source of reference. Consider calling one.
  4. Expect an on-site evaluation. A good dealer will take a thorough look at your home, ask questions and evaluate your overall comfort needs before making a recommendation. Beware of a dealer that simply takes information over the phone.
  5. Check local and state licenses. Depending on where you live, dealers may have to comply with certain local or state regulations, so ask to see proof of these licenses, as well as insurance forms for liability and workmen’s compensation.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for details about the firm’s experience and the expertise of its staff. This is particularly important if you’re also adding or changing ductwork.
  7. Get a written proposal. It is crucial to have a written, signed proposal before starting any work. Any change to the proposal should also be in writing. Be sure to keep a copy of all paperwork for your records.
  8. Inquire about equipment and labor warranties. Limited warranties vary according to the manufacturer, so make sure you fully understand what you’re getting. Also, don’t forget to inquire about optional extended warranties at the time of purchase.
  9. What about service? Make sure your dealer has qualified service personnel who are not also responsible for installing new equipment. Otherwise you probably can’t get them during the hottest or coldest days when you need them most.
  10. Make sure they’re reachable. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a problem and not being able to get in touch with your dealer. Make sure you can call and talk to a person – not an answering machine.

"Cooler Talk" Videos

"Cooler Talk" is a monthly HVAC video series hosted by Bob Price, System Consultant.

Topics will include owner & employee interviews (serious & comical), industry information, details on savings & specials, and other general, helpful insights.

Feel free to browse the available episodes:

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Our Team

Meet our Office Staff!

Most of our employees spend their days in the field, servicing or installing heating and cooling products. But we also have a full staff of office personnel available to take care of your needs - whether you have questions, need to buy parts or supplies, are paying your bills, or just stopping-by to see what we have to offer.

Kristie Patterson
Kristie PattersonOffice Manager
Kristie is responsible for managing and maintaining the offices of GHAC, Inc...
Gina Hankins
Gina HankinsAccounting
Gina has been with GHAC, Inc. since 2006. One of Gina's responsibilities....
Lenny Johnson
Lenny JohnsonWarehouse Manager
Lenny began working with GHAC, Inc. in 2007 as the Residential/Light....
Calvin Hankins
Calvin HankinsSales/Service Manager
Calvin Hankins manages the Residential/Light Commercial Sales and...


How do you want to be remembered?

How you answer that question will determine a great deal of what you do with your time here on this earth.

We care greatly about the reputation of GHAC, Inc. If there was only one thing that could be said about General Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. we would want it to be that it is a company operated with Honesty and Integrity. We truly strive to be a company our customers can trust.

Because of this foundational desire, you can rest assured that by choosing GHAC, Inc. you are placing your trust in a company and group of individuals who you can confidently rely upon.


GHAC, Inc. Owners

Jack Patterson
Jack PattersonOwner
Jack Patterson is one of the four original founders of General Heating & Air...
Will Patterson
Will PattersonPresident
Will is President of GHAC, Inc. and oversees the residential and light...
Ron Riffe
Ron RiffeVice-President
Ron Riffe has been with GHAC, Inc. since 1970. Ron currently oversees many...

Vision, Mission & Culture

At GHAC, Inc. we believe that before you decide to spend your hard-earned money, you should know who it is you’re spending it with.

VISION - Where We're Going

  • To be a leader in the HVAC industry.
  • To be known nation-wide for the highest quality and most efficient service and installation of residential and commercial HVAC systems.


MISSION - How We Get There

  • By providing the highest quality services and equipment at the best possible price.
  • By developing systems and procedures based on the best known practices to ensure the highest level of quality from every employee.
  • By choosing to ally ourselves with equipment manufacturers and suppliers who share our commitment to quality and customer service.
  • By supporting and strengthening the communities in which we work by contributing ethical business leadership, providing quality job opportunities, and by participating in community activities and causes.


CULTURE - What Drives Us

  • Honesty and Integrity
        Our foundation and the driving force behind all we do.
  • Trustworthiness
  • The Best Interests of Our Customers
  • The Well-Being of Our Employees
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • The Quality of Our Communities
  • The Quality of Our Reputation
  • A Desire to Be and Do Our Best

History of GHAC, Inc.

General Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc
A Company You Can Trust!


General Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Jack Patterson, William Salyers, Charles Lykins, and Dick Dodge to satisfy a growing need for heating and air conditioning systems in new homes being built in the Flatwoods, KY region.

Dick Dodge left the company during the first year, leaving Jack, William and Charles as the three owners.


The new home market was booming and by the early 1970’s GHAC had become the largest reseller of Amana heating and cooling products in the nation.

GHAC opened a branch office in Minford, OH which was managed by Charles Lykins.


After Charles' retirement, William Salyers took-over management of the Minford,OH office, which later moved to Portsmouth, OH. Jack Patterson, stayed to manage the Flatwoods, KY office.

The housing market had started to slow and General Heating had to find new areas of business to keep its employees working. That led to the establishment of the commercial division of GHAC, Inc.

Two big changes took place in the residential division as well. The first was a shift from new home installations to installing more replacement systems - as equipment we had installed over the past 15-20 years was getting older and less efficient. The second was a change in equipment brands. York Heating & Cooling products became GHAC's primary equipment offering.


After graduating from Transylvania University in 1991, Will Patterson began his full-time employment with GHAC as Residential/Light Commercial Service Manager.

GHAC continued to grow both the residential and commercial divisions of the company. Additional property was purchased adjacent to the Flatwoods office where a sheetmetal fabrication shop, a vehicle maintenance garage and multiple storage buildings were erected.


After William's retirement in 2005, the Portsmouth office was closed and all business operations were transferred to the original Flatwoods, KY location.


GHAC is one of the region’s most trusted names in the residential and commercial heating and air conditioning business. Our customers can trust that GHAC is here to provide them with the very best service and products, and that we intend to be here for their future needs.

General Heating & Air
A Tri-State Tradition.


A Company You Can Trust!

Serving the Tri-State since 1968

Foreword from the President

Will Patterson
I distinctly remember as a young boy coming into the General Heating & Air Conditioning office, walking by my father working at his desk, looking at the banners and awards on the walls, thinking that my dad ran the greatest company in the whole world.

At that time I couldn’t understand how or why anyone would choose to buy a furnace or air conditioning from anyone but GHAC, Inc.

That was many years ago, but the feelings haven’t really changed. I take great pride in the fact that I am a member of the General Heating and Air Conditioning organization and take very seriously the responsibility of making sure that GHAC, Inc. fulfills the visions I had of it as a child.

That vision drives everything that we do here at GHAC, Inc. - from the type of people we employ to how we treat and value our customers. It guides our decisions and sets our paths.

I now understand that people have different needs when it comes to their heating & air conditioning, and no company can satisfy all of those needs.

But that only makes us try that much harder.

Will Patterson President - General Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Our focus and specialty is quality installation, service and repair of heating and air conditioning systems - both residential and commercial.

For more than 45 years, GHAC, Inc. has been the trusted name in HVAC for customers all across the Tri-State.

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